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Model Numbers AS-0712-1 AS-0712-2
Max. energy absorption 0.049 to 0.294J 0.098 to 0.49J
Stroke 12mm
Equivalent Weight Range 1.5kg 3kg
Note1)Max. Energy Capacity Per Min. 14.7J/min
Impact Speed Range 1m/s
Max. Resisting Force Value 245N 294N
Note2)Rod Return Force 2.45N
Rod Return Time 0.5s
Max. Operating Cycle 45 cycle/min
Operating Temperature Range -10 to +50 Celsius Degree(But do not use when frozen)
Weight 10g
Note1) Max. energy capacity per minute in the table is shown at the ambient temperature of 26.7 Celsius degree. Max. energy capacity per minute at the ambient temperature T (Celsius degree) mentioned as E2(J/min) is calculated according to following formula.
File Name Series Drawing Size (W/H) Scale
DSAS06 Dyna-softer/Adjustable Type/AS※-06Series 1200/400 1/1
DSAS11 Dyna-softer/Adjustable Type/AS※-11Series 1200/1400 1/1
DSAS20 Dyna-softer/Adjustable Type/AS※-20Series 3000/1900 1/1
DSSS06 Dyna-softer/Fixed Type/SS※-06Series 1200/400 1/1
DSSS11 Dyna-softer/Fixed Type/SS※-11Series 1800/1200 1/1
DSSS20A Dyna-softer/Fixed Type/SS※-20Series 2400/1600 1/1
DSSS20B Dyna-softer/Fixed Type/SS※-20Series 2800/1700 1/1
DSSS40A Dyna-softer/Fixed Type/SS※-40Series 3400/2400 1/1
DSSS40B Dyna-softer/Fixed Type/SS※-40Series 4000/2500 1/1
DSSS40C Dyna-softer/Fixed Type/SS※-40Series 4600/2600 1/1
MSADJ1 Mini-softer/Adjustable Type 1100/700 1/1
MSADJ2 Mini-softer/Adjustable Type 1600/1050 1/1
MSFIX1 Mini-softer/Fixed Type 1020/750 1/1
MSFIX2 Mini-softer/Fixed Type 1650/1200 1/1
MSOPTION Mini-softer/Accessories 1100/510 1/1